Clarity, Simplicity, Strategy

for your Cloud Migration

Long gone are the days when a cloud strategy was simply an advantage. Today, to remain competitive it is a must.

Ward Grant prides ourselves in helping organizations make this leap.


Being Cloud Agnostic, we can enable your mission critical applications to be placed into a variety of cloud environments.

Application Migration

In some cases, certain legacy applications may not be "cloud-ready," we can help change this.

Disaster Recovery

One great benefit to Cloud Migration is true disaster recovery, allowing you to meet all your retention and data compliance requirements.


We can enable your business to access all mission critical applications from anywhere, anytime, securely.

Application Support

Through ongoing maintenance contracts, we can continue to support your environment through all unforeseen terrain ahead.

Support Consulting

We can help you determine how, when, where, and why for IT Projects to set you on the path you want.

Why the Cloud?

Ask yourself this question....
Would your business pay to generate its own electricity?
Pay an electric company to provide it for you?

Ready to find out more?

The worst choice a business can make is not doing anything. If you want to discover the benefits of having and acting on a cloud strategy, let us help you.

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