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Cloud Migration

Giving up your on premise servers can be a daunting task to take on. Not only the complexity that encompasses each application, but also the questions that result from giving up full control of your infrastructure. We are here to explain the pros and cons in an honest way so you can make the best possible informed decision for your business.


Over the years, we have refined a process for making migration to the cloud as easy as possible.

Reach out to us so we can explain how the process works.

Application Migration

In certain cases we can perform a lift and shift to move your applications into the cloud. In other cases your application may not be "cloud ready". For those instances, we perform an application migration. Each application that meets this criteria will be evaluated on a case by case basis.  

Disaster Recovery

Many businesses who have not migrated to the cloud are running with enormous risks. Are your backups off site? What happens if lighting hits your headquarters building? How quickly can you recover?

Cloud providers replicate your systems and data across multiple geographic locations, which gives you the assurance your data will be there no matter what happens locally.

Tiered storage allows you to offload data, ensuring you meet all your data retention and compliance guidelines.


With related service offerings, retaining archival copies of data becomes cheap and easy.

Remote Access

By virtue of moving your applications to the cloud, secure and reliable remote access is mandatory.

As we put your systems in a more accessible posture, you will not only benefit from the cost standpoint but also from the availability standpoint. Our network team has a history of balancing your data security and its accessibility.

Application Support

Most cloud engineers want to get in and out; move your data and then on to the next project. We want to change that mentality by offering ongoing support options to ensure we never leave a client out on their own.

Support Consulting

A world of possibility exists once you open yourself to the opportunities. We can help evaluate concepts and generate proposals to keep your business moving in the right direction.


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